FIA dinner

On Thursday December 16th 2010, after a cocktail at the FIA event venue which will enable you to have a look at the exhibition and demonstrations and exchange thoughts on the topics of the day, at 19h00 we’ll be ready to leave for the FIA conference dinner!

This dinner will be preceeded by a boat trip from the conference venue (ICC, Ghent) to the dinner location, offering you a splendid view of the hostorical city center of Ghent, which is very prettily lighted in winter time. The guide will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the age-old houses and picturesque bridges along the canals of Ghent.

The boat trip will bring you right up to the landing stage  ofthe “Oude Vismijn“, an old fish mine in the middle of the historic city center, which was completely renovated just recently. The combination of this unique historico-cultural patrimonium with present-day creativity will offer you a view worthwhile discovering.

The fish market is one of the oldest markets of Ghent. In 1872, the fish market/mine and the gateway were destructed by a heavy fire. Nothing was left of the gateway. In the conception of public life in the 19e century, they decided to proceed with the construction of a covered market hall, which would serve as a market place for fish, flesh and vegetables. The  reconstruction of the characteristic gateway was also decided.

Two of the original sculptures were however replaced by two new ones, a man and a woman, presenting the two rivers Scheldt and Lys (Leie). The original pictures of two sea gods had been too damaged to remain. For the world exhibition in 1913, in Ghent, the new neo-Gothic façade was build, which is still the street scene.

Through the 20th century, the building has undergone a lot of small and large modifications. In 2005, the city Ghent organized a promotion competition, to obtain a historic building with a public allocation. Lofting Group accepted this challenge and won the competition. The combination of  a tourism center for  Ghent and a catering industry was priced by the jury. The site was officially opened in the summer of 2010 and will now host large dinners and parties such as yours.

Participation to the FIA dinner is included in the entrance fee of the conference.